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Hello there!

I am a MS SQL DBA with a passion for proper databasing. I love my job and this blog is an outlet for stuff I learn. As a DBA I have a massive obsession with performance, sniffing out the root cause for slow running activities is very satisfying. Auditing and monitoring is another focus, I want to be all over the instances I support and I want SQL to tell me when it has a problem. Some of the stuff I post is for quick and dirty consumption, queries doing the leg work for you so you don’t have to think in those tight situations. Other stuff is a bit more involved and takes a bit more reading. Where possible I’ll try and include appropriate supporting links.

Everything I post is stuff  I found useful and you might too. If you found it helpful, awesome!  If you want to add something, please do! If you think I’m wrong, comment on my post, educate me! I want to improve, everybody can be better; true stupidity is doing the same wrong thing more than once  . . . 😉

Thanking you!


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