Using XP_CMDSHELL we can run commands that could otherwise be run using Windows Scheduled Tasks. It is kick ass, what makes this even more kick ass is being able to capture the errors running these commands produce.

Below is an example of a simple script which runs a XP_CMDSHELL command and sends an email in the event of any failure. Dare I say this is even quick and dirty . . .

use msdb

declare @cmd_to_run varchar (1500)
declare @return_code int

--The command you want to run
select @cmd_to_run = '<<INSERT YOUR OWN COMMAND>>'

-- Run the command, capture what int code is returned
exec @return_code = master.dbo .xp_cmdshell @cmd_to_run

-- Returning a 0 means there is a problem, send an email if 0 is returned 
if @return_code <> 0
       print 'FAILED'
       exec sp_send_dbmail
            @profile_name = '<<PROFILE NAME>>' ,
            @recipients = '<<RECIPIENTS>>' ,
            @importance = 'high' , --somethings failed dudes, its always high importance
            @subject = '<<SOMETHING MEANINGFUL TO YOU>>' ,
            @body = ''<<SOMETHING MEANINGFUL TO YOU>>'