OSPF is not EIGRP. The process of forming adjacency in OSFP is a much more complex affair involving many more steps than EIGRP. This increased complexity  can deny a network admin the opportunity to really appreciate what is actually happening between two routers.

The process of forming adjacency is outlined below.

1. A new router is introduced to the OSPF area
2. The new Router says Hello.
3. The Hello packet is interrogated by the existing Router
4. Routers are added to Neighbour tables
5. Master and Slave router roles are allocated
6. Database Descriptions are shared
7. DBDs are loaded into memory and examined
8. Requests for more information are sent
9. Neighbours are synchronised

Lets go through the steps one by one explaining the processes, the states the routers enter into and the packets that are shared.
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EIGRP is  a CISCO specific routing protocol. This blog post aims to provide a basic outline of the configuration needed to set it up on a group of routers.

Here we have a simple Hub and Spoke topology between three routers; Jeremy, Geoff and Steve.

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